This is the smaller of the two lakes and is about 30acres in size.  Fishing on this lake is from bank and from boat.  The lake has a fairly consistent depth of 8-10ft with several shallower bays.  The water is renowned for being  very clear throughout the season and very prolific hatches of buzzer, olives and damsels occur.  End of season dry fly action to daddies can be spectacular.


After obtaining your permit from Centra travel towards Waterford and take the Tramore road. Turn right for Fenor at left hand lay-by where the road widens; nearly at the top of the hill take the only lane to the left. If you have gone too far you will see Ballyscanlon Lake on the right side Go. through a farm yard for 1 mile which brings you to the lake.


This larger of the two lakes is about 80 acres in size.  Fishing on this lake is from a boat.  The deepest part of the lake is 24 feet at the dam tower  but the average depth is about 6ft and this results in good aquatic life providing food for the trout. Trout feed on caddis pupae, snails and fry and the lake gets hatches of olives, buzzers, sedges and damsels. There is a good population of wild browns which must be released if caught.

After obtaining your permit from Centra, proceed towards Waterford and turn right at the Sweep Pub in front of the Fiat Garage, take the next right and follow the signs and map. As you drive along the dam wall you will see the pontoons and boats on your far left hand side.